Last weekend my boyfriend and I skipped town for Michigan again — this time to visit a extra charming resort that has been family owned since 1926.


Shady Shores in Dowagiac, MI is the epitome of charm. We kicked off our shoes for hours-long dips in the beautiful lake, which was bursting with little fishies.

We risked it.
The water slide has a pump at the top so it’s nice and slick for every turn!


About the moment I decided this place is paradise.

Aside from the private beach, the grounds the cabins sit on are gorgeous.

One of the cute cabins.

With tons of fun playground pieces to play on, all original to the resort.

You’re never too old for a seesaw, right?



We visited the lodge, but found it super creepy. Pulled directly from a horror movie, right?

Dun, dun, dunnn

But yeah, we ventured inside and took creepy photos.

How unsettling is it that this is how the photo turned out?

One of my favorite parts was the shuffle board area. We missed the tournament, but played for a little anyway.


The cute details at every turn meant I never wanted to put my camera down!

amy-and-angie-shady-shores-18 amy-and-angie-shady-shores-10 amy-and-angie-shady-shores-12 amy-and-angie-shady-shores-13

Now, I’m not going to lie — this place isn’t for everyone. It’s closer to camping than it is to staying in luxury cabin. There are plenty of amenities (electricity, bathroom, kitchen) but they aren’t the most modern. As someone who enjoys letting go of modern things once in a while, I really enjoyed this aspect.

I hope we see you again soon, Shady Shores!





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