If you follow along on Instagram, you might have noticed that I took a little jaunt to L.A. this past week. What a nice little vacation it was! In true Amy fashion, though, I have to start with the food! I wanted to highlight a few really special restaurants I went to, so I’ll share the snacky stuff in a later post.

Side note: I know lots of these places aren’t exactly in L.A., but the city served as the hub of my trip 🙂

I knew I wanted to get some fresh fish, and I found the perfect little spot in Malibu:

With ocean-view seating and a not-too-large menu, Malibu Seafood definitely satisfied my fish craving. Seeing as I wanted to fit in a lot of food variety, I opted for two fish tacos, so as not to stuff myself!



I’m used to fried fish tacos in Chicago, but loved the grilled variety I got here. The fresh pico and cabbage on top made it even better.

Fish tacos aside, I found my favorite food of the trip at Cafe Milan in Playa del Rey. It came highly recommended and did not disappoint. Its unassuming look didn’t deter me, because I had heard great things about the blueberry banana pancakes:

My word. These were so simple and delicious and I could’ve eaten 15 more. I paired these cakes with a vanilla hazelnut coffee and these fine gentlemen:

Mike, Geno, Joe and Lou. Aka my new best friends.

These guys made the place! Mike struck up a conversation while I was getting coffee and invited me to be an honorary member of their breakfast club. Turns out, they meet every morning for a good coffee and chat. I loved hearing parts of their life story and can only hope I have such a nice set up when I retire 🙂

Check back next week for more of my L.A. fun!