Any of you who follow me on Instagram may have seen one of a few teaser images over the past week:


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All that’s led to my first ever “All the Pretty Thing,” a collection of DIY projects. Some will use vintage items, and others will just be lovely. Like this Lovely Garland!
If you want your own (a big AHEM to my sister) just follow these easy steps:
1.) Buy many, many different colors of felt pieces from your fabric store. I got mine from JoAnn’s when they were on sale for only 20 cents each.
2.) Cut a million hearts! You can use a pattern if you like, but I chose to just wing it. It was easier, less stressful and meant I could watch TV while I cut.
3.) Choose any thread color and thread your machine. This is easier said than done if, like me, you haven’t touched yours in over a year. Anyway, I chose hot pink thread because a) it was in the box with my sewing machine and b) it contrasted nicely with most of the hearts.
I successfully threaded my bobbin? Time for a drink!
4.) Sew, sew, sew. It’s important that you not have the thread tension set too high on your machine, otherwise the hearts may “squish” together. I found the best method is to sew directly down the middle of the heart and have a new heart lined up and ready to go. The trick is that most of the hearts aren’t actually connected — there’s some thread between most of them. This allows them to lay flat and pretty!
This is actually quite an easy project, and could even be done by hand (if you’re very patient). I’d definitely suggest this to a first-time sewer. And look how it brightened up my space:
I think I’ll keep it around well past Valentine’s Day. It’s just cheery!
Check back for more “Pretty Things,” as I plan to make it a semi-regular occurrence. That is, if my sewing machine chooses to cooperate.


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