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Making time for myself with Rituals

These past 12 months have been some of the busiest of my life! We moved twice, got married, traveled, got a dog and so much more in between. It should come as no surprise that, because of all that excitement, there’s been little time to sit and relax.

The dust has definitely started to settle over the last month, so it was perfect timing when Tryazon asked if I’d like to try out some pampering products by Rituals. Uh…don’t have to ask me twice!

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My hunt for modern farmhouse curtains

Who knew curtains could cause so much anxiety? I swear my friends are about to abandon me because of my constant questions (What about this color? It is too this? Too that? Are you about to murder me if I ask anything else?).

There’s just something so permanent about them…despite them being easily removed. Even though I’m a bargain hunter, it’s still an investment when you’ve got as many windows as we do in our new place. And it will definitely impact what color rugs/furniture/decor I use.

But Amy, you ask, why start with curtains? Wouldn’t it make more sense to start with big pieces, like a couch? Um. YES. But of course I’m not going the easy route. Because I found this image on Pinterest a few months back:

Hi there, Hymns and Verses! Thanks for using these pretty curtains and inspiring me.

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The easy way to “bake” with Wewalka

Thanks to Tryazon, I was yet again able to host some lovely ladies for a fun afternoon of trying products and generally just hanging out. Any reason to chat and snack is a good in my book!

We tried out the flatbread and puff pastry dough. My goal was to use them in a practical, appetizer-y (not a word) way. We settled on everything crackers and raspberry/hazelnut palmiers. Sounds terrible, right? 😉

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The easiest way to shred chicken

We usually have some sort of meat with dinner, and my favorite is chicken. It’s one of the healthier meat options, and I love how versatile it is.

Many of my favorite recipes, including my enchiladas, call for shredded chicken. Ugh. Typically I’d shred with two forks, but aside from taking so much time, I absolutely abhor the sound of utensils scraping on each other *shivers*.

Enter my new way to shred:


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Pardon me: 37 Things to Say Instead of ‘I’m Sorry’

It’s a part of every woman I know. We learn it from a young age and it follows us until the end.

I’m sorry.

How many times do you say it everyday? Have you ever stopped to count? I tried once and quit when I got to a dozen before 10 a.m. A co-worker recently shared that her sweet 18-month-old (whose vocabulary is obviously limited) has started saying it — not because she’s done something wrong, but because she’s picked it up as a way to fill silence.

We all know there’s a better way, but habits are hard to break. So here’s a start: 37 things to say instead, broken up into different scenarios (with a section for littles, too!). Why 37? Because 38 seemed like too many. I’m not sorry.


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