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Vintage Heaven Take 2

I know I already posted about the upcoming Vintage Heaven sale, but I have to again, because they were nice enough to post about me on the Vintage Heaven website!

Joining me this weekend will be these lovely ladies:

I’m so excited to be able to participate in this again. If you weren’t able to stop by last time, make it a point to get out to this one– it’s the last one until spring!

Final Countdown

It’s the final countdown!

Err…I mean stock up! This weekend marked by last couple free days to stock my shop for the next Vintage Heaven sale.

I hit an awesome estate sale and some thrift stores as well. While I was at it, I took some better photos of previously-found items.

A few more coats because…well, I don’t need a reason. They’re pretty.



Some cute sweaters. And one funky one.



My favorite 1950s piece, the blue suit, paired with a 1980s blouse:
Why do I look unimpressed? I love this look!
And then there’s this dress. I’m pegging this as late 1970s/early 1980s, but if anyone has better insight, please let me know!
When I get to it (hopefully tomorrow!) I’ll be posting a bunch of stuff in the store. But you can also come visit me at the Vintage Heaven sale November 17 & 18 in Chicago at 1550 N. Milwaukee on the second floor. It’s the last sale of the year, so stop by!

The Closet >> All Bundled Up

After a lovely week and some time with my greatest friends, I am back with some beautiful vintage coats and dresses. My weekend guest, Chelsea, was kind enough to model some of them for me (and for you!).

Love the red! The inside is all furry and warm.
This was a favorite! Grey coat, big buttons and fur collar?
How can it get better?

I love the details and color on this blue/grey one.
And a sweet little 1950s dress and jacket

It ended up being kind of chilly out, so we headed inside for some dress pictures.

Deemed the 1970s “tennis dress,”
I still love this one.

This was my favorite of the day. Another 1970s dress.

And a cool (and weird) printed dress.

I have a few more coats and dresses to photograph, so those will be making appearances later this week. All of these pretty things will be up in the store this week as well.

Ok, now I have to know: which coat is your favorite?

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Shirts, Blouses and Polos…Oh My!

Ok, corny post title. But I went through so many tops this weekend it’s more than appropriate.

All of these are available in the shop as of this morning:

1970s “Samantha O” Blouse
1970s Geometric Blouse

1970s Navy Patterned Shirt
1970s Green & White Polo

1960s Red & White Sweater

And, as usual, I have a small dilemma. Should I keep this shirt or sell it? I’m a sucker for polka dots but am still torn!

Pretty, pretty polka dot blouse

My great news of the week is that I have a friend visiting this weekend who is excited to model some clothes for me. This means I get to showcase some of my tinier outfits.

I also stocked up on lots of coats at an amazing sale this past weekend. Hopefully my friend will be up to modeling those too!

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Nerd Alert: Vintage Pinball Machines

So if you haven’t already noticed, I am an out of control nerd. No apologizes, though, cause it’s really fun.

I was invited to my latest nerd outing by Nerd Sr. (aka, my dad). My uncle recently spoke at a pinball convention, so we were invited to see him speak and try out hundreds of pinballs machines.

I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough!

More than nerding out and enjoying playing all the games, I loved getting to see all the awesome vintage graphics. Somehow vintage graphics (and advertisements) are so simple, but somehow have so much great detail.

Photo quality is poor, I know. I forgot a memory card for my camera so had to resort to my phone.

This one was one of the earliest machines. It didn’t even have flippers!

One of the huge advertisement
reproductions they had hanging around the convention
But this one was my favorite:
If I ever get super nerdy one day, an old machine like this would make an excellent addition to my home, don’t you think?

We’ll Never Get Sick of Dresses

In case you can’t tell…I’ve got a lot to add to the shop.

I promise tomorrow I’ll post something besides pretty dresses (but really, were any of you getting sick of them??)

1950s red & black polka dot dress


1980s green bombshell dress


1970s black and pink floral dress


1960s teal & cream dress (pockets!!)


1980s black & white floral dress


1970s brown floral dress

All will be up in the shop today. Yay!

I realized that a few weeks ago I mentioned some fun estate sale finds that I just can’t part with, but never showed them off!



I found this 1950s dress and even earlier umbrella at a fun little estate sale. The dress was just $8 and the umbrella just $3! I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let them go. And yes, I realize they don’t match.

Come back tomorrow for something way more fun than another shop update 🙂

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The Best Estate Sale Ever

In the midst of burying myself under piles of vintage clothes and accessories, I broke free this morning and made it out to one of the best estate sales I have ever been too. The clothes were in SUCH good condition.

I also (gulp) took the plunge and finally decided to model some of my clothes. They just show so much better on a human instead of a mannequin and my friends are just so busy!

All of these are available in the shop now. I also found a few that I’m not quite ready to part with. What do you think? Should I keep these?

And while I was at it, I added some other goodies to the shop and updated some photos.

With the exception the two dresses I’m now emotionally attached to, the rest are all now available in the shop. I’ve got a pretty good groove going, so you can bet your booty there’ll be more in the shop next week!

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Vintage Heaven Recap

Anyone who reads Amy & Angie probably already knows that the Vintage Heaven sale was this past weekend. You know, since I’ve been going on about it forever.

It was a very successful event! Twelve local vendors participated and I’m already looking forward to next month’s sale.

Me manning my booth. Isn’t it pretty??

A bunch of my favorite pieces got scooped up right away. I also got to finally see some of my favorite dresses on actual people…yay!

My favorite new customer trying on
one of my favorite dresses.

Karyn from Dethrose Vintage
trying on her Amy & Angie purchase.

Now that the October sale is over with, I’ll finally be updating my shop this week. It’s been a long time coming, so look forward to some really good pieces making their way in there.

That’s it for now, but check back later in the week for my latest finds!