Traveling — even short, close work trips — will always been one of my favorite things. This past week, I found myself in Memphis for a fun work retreat — and you bet I tried my best to seek out some cute thangs. And the cutest I found? Broad Street, on the recommendation of a colleague.

A few of us had plans to eat at Bounty and Board, but first worked up an appetite by shopping down the block.

If you know anything about Memphis’ history, you know it’s full of struggle. Most people I come across from there say it was never the same after the Civil Rights movement, that the community hasn’t repaired. But you can see these little corners of the city that are just bursting with personality and culture. You can tell it’s coming back.

Fun, right? Pretty much only small, local businesses line Broad Street. Everything from a guitar shop (how very Memphis), and bike shop and a coffee shop. My favorite, though? The one you won’t want to miss if you visit?

Five in One Social Club. Again, recommended by a super hip colleague, this little shop has all the handmade, unique, Memphis-only stuff you’ve ever seen.

They screen print tons of stuff in house, so are super picky about the handmade cards and unique wrapping papers they stock. I chose a select few items to purchase and take home, but can’t disclose since they’re stocking stuffers 🙂

Have you ever been to Memphis? What about Broad Street? I’d love to hear about your experiences.