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What I Want in March

Even though I am striving for a more simplified life, I can’t help but be drawn in by beautiful things I see everywhere (in stores, on Amazon, etc.)

Rather than try and cram everything into our small apartment, I thought it’d be a little wiser to share them here. That way we can all “ooh and ahh” together, and then those of us who have room can partake 🙂

1.) Reusable Berry Baskets

These. are. adorable.

amy-and-angie-berry-basket 2
Creative Co-op Stoneware Berry Baskets, Multicolor, Set of 4

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Why I Choose Twice Over ThredUP

I’ve been in major purge mode this year. It’s great, because it was actually my New Year’s goal to get rid of at least one thing each week. I’ve more than met that and still have a long way to go.

The more a purge, the more I think, “What are my options for where this stuff goes?”

I’ll be answering that question in a series of posts, but for today? It’s all about clothes.


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Super Simple Carpet Stain Remover

You know those nights when you just want to kick back with a nice glass of Aldi’s Winking Owl really nice red wine? You’ve got everything laid out to relax and then clumsy you knocks the entire glass to the floor — staining your made-for-an-adult-apartment rug.


Don’t worry! Even though I’ve certainly never spilled wine, I have a great fix:



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New Year, New Me? Nah…

I’ve got a great love/hate relationship with New Year’s going on. I love the fact that everyone around the world celebrates it and that fresh feeling of the new year. On the other hand, everyone is so quick to make resolutions to change things about them that maybe weren’t so bad.

My resolution is to donate more things and live with less…but other than that? Yep. Sticking with what I have going on. As is evident by this (not entirely without alcohol) photoshoot from NYE with my best gal pal:

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Sister Time

Once in a while, when life is a little too much, my sister and I spend a whole weekend watching crappy TV and shopping. It’s the perfect fix for anything. Anything.

I love her lots. I also happen to love the thrift stores surrounding her house. Amazing!

Perfect 1950s green dress. A keeper, perhaps?

Another 1950s find, in a lighter green. 

1980s sparkles!

And…the best thing I have ever seen. 

You guys, I’m dying. 

Seriously considering keeping a couple of those. And to be honest, I was very on the fence about the sparkly 1980s dress, but my sister insisted it was a good find and that someone would like it. And you know what? She hasn’t steered me wrong yet. 

I‘m also taking it as a sign that this just happened to be on TV as I took photos:

One of our favorite movies. A perfect movie to watch while looking at some perfect dresses 🙂

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