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At Home

Black Friday Hiding

Instead of shopping in retail stores on Black Friday, I chose (very wisely might I add) to hide away at a few estate sales over the weekend. They were all so empty! 
And I found some pretty unique things:
Looking up? In a polka dot dress.

Very excited about my new
1950s fur stole!

Beautiful yellow necklace.

Brown and yellow polka dot scarf.
It looks very much like a Fred Flintstone
tie here, but is very cute. I promise.

Timeless blue necklace.

I’m in love with these clip on earrings.

Avon locket sans chain.

And a cute lil’ sail boat pin.
Definitely not the best sales I’ve ever been to, but this weekend really gave me a chance to stock up on some accessories, which the shop could definitely use! Look for these in the store later this week.

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Things I Love: Brown Butter & Sea Salt Cookies

Remember how great chocolate chip cookies are? Warm out of the oven cookies are up there as one of my favorite foods. And I had a serious craving for some this week.

Usually I’ll just follow the recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag, but to be honest, I’ve been bored with that. I really wanted something special this week.

Good thing I found a recipe for brown butter & sea salt chocolate chip cookies over at Ambitious Kitchen. Reading the recipe, making the cookies and then quickly eating all of them left me with one thought:

Why have I not been baking with brown butter forever???


Photo from Ambitious Kitchen
These cookies are out of this world good. So good I’m contemplating making a second batch right now. Just kidding. I’m for sure making another batch.

They are very delicious and definitely my favorite thing this week!

Favorites from Renegade

This past weekend I enjoyed going to the Renegrade Craft Fair in Wicker Park. If you haven’t heard of Renegade, make sure you check out their website. They pop up all over the country and offer some truly unique vendors with some very lovely products.

What’s that? You want to see some?

These clocks from Uncommon Handmade are maybe the best non-vintage options I’ve ever seen. I can’t stop looking at them!


Images from Uncommon Handmade

Ryan Berkley from Ryan Berkley Illustration! had some of the funniest, most interesting illustrations I’ve seen in a while. Just look at that frog! And doesn’t that sloth look like it should say “attorney at law” underneath?


Images from Ryan Berkley Illustration!


Chicago Cutting Boards had some really different cutting boards on display. They’re not exactly my style, but they’re so beautiful and well-made I couldn’t help but love them.
Images from Chicago Cutting boards
And if you love food anywhere near as much as I do, you’ll probably love looking at the pieces Inedible Jewelry has to offer. They honestly look good enough to eat. Too bad it’s clay…


Images from Inedible Jewelry

I could keep posting, but there were so many artists there I’d be going on for hours. If this little sampling looks good to you, pay Renegade a visit next year.

What? You want to look at more clocks? Me too 🙂


Both from Uncommon Handmade