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Monday Motivation >> A Little Reminder

Barely sneaking this Monday Motivation post in, but happy I had a chance to do so.

amy-and-angie-monday-motivation-marcus-aureliusI’ve been trying to constantly remind myself of this.

Do I really need a new storage bin to organize things? Or do I just need less things?

Do I need to feel guilty for eating cookies? Or do I need to simply be grateful they exist and that I can afford the luxury of eating food for pleasure?

Do I really need to makes tons of new friends? Or do I need to do a better job of appreciating my family and existing friends?

Just some food for thought this week. As I strive to provide a simpler life for myself, this is definitely at the fore-front.

Monday Motivation >> Wander

I think sometimes as adults we forget how good daydreaming can be. You know? When I was a kid, I actually pursued daydreaming.

I’d rush to finish a test in class so I could savor those extra few minutes where there wasn’t enough time to start a new task, so I had to just sit there quietly and daydream. Same with every car ride I ever took.


Can we all make a promise to try and save a little time for daydreaming? My best daydreams used to help me concoct recipes and names for dolls and future plans. Who knows what they could do now?

Monday Motivation >> Judgement-free

This is the time of year when I start thinking about my goals for the following year. Last year my goal was to focus on downsizing and getting rid of things I don’t use. I consistently worked all year on that and can now say it’s just part of how I clean.


I want to add another goal to my list, one that can be carried throughout my whole life. This quote perfectly sums up my 2016 goal of being kinder to and more patient with myself — to focus on the big picture instead of what’s right in front of me. Who’s with me?