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Pretty Things

DIY Target-style Throw Pillows

Have you ever wandered down the “home” aisles of Target? Row after row of wonderful, perfectly designed throw pillows. Even the website wants me to buy them!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.05.32 PM
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But they’re all $15-$20 each! I can’t justify that price point — especially with the throw pillow addiction I have going on. Which is why I set to finding a cheaper solution:


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Incorporating Vintage // At Work

My love for vintage is only topped by my love for comfort. While I would love to live in huge, cupcake vintage dresses, that wouldn’t be suitable or comfortable for work.

I can sometimes find the perfect vintage piece for work, but more often than not I find myself choosing vintage-inspired pieces that I can wear all day — and that includes 2 miles of walking for my commute!

On this particular day, I went for a 60s mod vibe:


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My Current Obsession

Calling Ikea my current obsession isn’t exactly fair, since I’ve already had a little crush on the super store.

BUT. When I was there a few weeks ago, I found a new section with party goods and other cute items — it was amazing! Think the Target dollar section on crack 🙂

They had these adorable notebooks in so many colors! I opted for the dainty gray and white polka dots:

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The Cutest Crocheted Necklaces

You know how you have you favorite few go-to blogs? The ones that either inspire you, make you laugh or help you relax? I definitely have several!

One of my favorite bloggers is Disney from Ruffles and Stuff. She has the most inspired craft ideas and the cutest little girl who helps out with projects. I just read tonight that her daughter is selling hand-crocheted necklaces on Etsy to try and raise money to buy her friend an American Girl Doll. Have you ever heard of anything sweeter? And look how cute the necklaces are:

Source — and where to buy the necklaces!

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