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DIY Target-style Throw Pillows

Have you ever wandered down the “home” aisles of Target? Row after row of wonderful, perfectly designed throw pillows. Even the website wants me to buy them!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.05.32 PM
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But they’re all $15-$20 each! I can’t justify that price point — especially with the throw pillow addiction I have going on. Which is why I set to finding a cheaper solution:


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With a Bow on Top

Christmas? Oh yeah, that’s less than two weeks away.


As I’ve been scrambling to finish projects left and right, Christmas has crept up. I’ve had the chance to throw up some decorations with vintage flair, but there’s so much left to do.

While I was cooped up and sick the past week, I took to looking for something that can give my gifts a vintage flair. Aside from straight up vintage wrapping paper, which I have happily found at some estate sales, this little project is easy and pretty.

These homemade bows give a really unique touch to any gift. The best part (aside from being super easy) is that they’re made from scrapbook paper. This means you can use any pattern that floats your boat!

I found the tutorial here. And guys? When I say easy, I mean E.A.S.Y.

It’s not truly vintage, but by picking colors that remind you of the past, you’ll definitely add a vintage flair.

I’m also excited to announce that I’ll be adding a new addition to the blog next week! I don’t want to give too much away, but it involves food 🙂

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Vintage Makeover – Ugly Chairs

You know those people who see a chair on the side of the road, or a table next to a dumpster and snatch it up to take home and put to good use? I’m a modern version of that. I love going on Craigslist and seeing what’s listed under the “free” section. Even if I don’t get anything, it’s fun to look at something that someone sees as garbage and think of all the cool things I could do with it.

Several months ago, I came across an ad I knew I had to respond to. A woman was giving away three beautifully shaped chairs from the 1970s. What?? I immediately emailed her. They were still available and later that week I was meeting her at her church to pick them up. She seemed surprised that I was so excited about them, but said she was glad they were going to a home where they would be used.

The only thing was…they were a terrible, ugly tan with copper legs.

Photo quality courtesy of my “smart” phone

My first thought was to paint the legs silver and then paint the chairs another color. I’ve read that if you use special spray paint made for cars, you can actually just paint vinyl. So I brought them out to my deck and all of a sudden just went crazy with the paint. I was left with tin man chairs. Whoops.

They sat like that for weeks, actually, because I wasn’t sure what to do with them. I considered just getting rid of them, but then thought I’d at least try to recover the seats and then see if I like them. Bingo! I found some awesome fabric and got to work. Thirty easy minutes later and I was left with fun new chairs!

I threw one of my grandma’s (Angie!!) vintage pillows on each and called it a day.

So for the cost of spray paint and fabric, I have two brand new chairs. The third one? Yeah…that’s still waiting in my kitchen. I’ll get to it, don’t you worry.
What fun vintage/thrift makeovers have you done? 

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