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Thrifty Life

My favorite places to buy second hand decor (and my favorite finds!)

I love shopping for home decor as much as the next person, but there’s something in me that hates to pay more than I need to. That usually means scouring my favorite second hand sources. Not to say I’m against paying full price; Take my curtain search, for instance. That was a case of knowing exactly what I wanted, and doing plenty of research to make sure I was getting the best deal.

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Mad Men Style >> Lost Horizon

Finally, my favorite outfits went to my favorite character in this week’s episode. Peggy looked so mod!

So obviously this dress was going to be high on my list of favorites:

All images are screen captures from AMC

This dress takes Peggy’s usual look and sort of pushes it a little further. The costume was custom created, so instead of finding an exact match, I looked for similar colors and that classic “Peggy” style (check for shop links in the caption):

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Mad Men Style >> Severance

In honor of the very last episodes of Mad Men (sobs) I’ve decided to do a style post for each episode. Did you see something you loved in Sunday’s episode? Well you’re in luck, because I’ve found some great, similar finds on Etsy:


My favorite from Peggy in this episode was her two-tone polka blouse that got hardly any screen time:

All show images screen captured from AMC

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