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Thrifty Life

The Amazing $5 Sale

Who says vintage ain’t affordable? Certainly not this girl!

In honor of the spring cleaning my sister is I’m forcing myself to do, I’m holding my first ever sale…and it’s a biggie! Join me at the June Market Daze sale for a whole rack and table full of $5 vintage goodies (plus some newer stuff). I’m ready to clean out my old inventory so I can bring out the all the new stuff at the July sale.

Plenty more details to follow (you know, where, when…those little things).

I can hardly believe it! Will I see you there?

The Vintage Community: The Bottomline

In this little (huuuuge)  vintage community, we are always encouraging each other to do more, think big and succeed. Once in a while, though, I meet a vintage friend who is truly inspiring in their work.

Case in point, the sweet lady who runs The Bottomline Resale Boutique. Known as a “best kept secret,” all proceeds from The Bottomline go straight to Bridge to Success, a wonderful organization that assists at-risk and low-income individuals with interview preparation — everything from dressing the part to nailing the right questions. Can you think of a better cause??

Aside from all that, Sara also runs Funky Petunia Vintage.


Yours truly in a Funky Petunia beret 🙂

Really just an inspirational person! Sara will be hosting the “Sweet Treats & Designer Delights” shopping event at The Bottomline on February 20…and you better believe I’ll be there! Come out to mingle with some great vintage girls and support a wonderful mission. Thanks, Sara, for all you do!

The Vintage Community: Market Daze

Has anyone else noticed that I haven’t been at a vintage sale in a while? I miss them so much! But for now, it’s just too cold and snowy for me to get my booty out the door. But that hasn’t stopped some of my more ambitious vintage friends:

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I’ve done this sale in the past (when it’s nice and sunny and warm!) and can tell you that it’s just as much fun to shop at in the snowy months. Not only that, it’s attached to Township, which has some great brunch food.

Stop by this Sunday (noon-4) and you might just bump into me shopping! And then come back next month, when I’ll make my grand return to the “real world” 🙂

The Vintage Community

I know I’ve been awful about posting my “Top 5” vintage posts of the week. I think it’s because having that number attached to it makes it seem too stressful! Does that make sense? Anyway, to push myself back into a routine, I’m changing the “Top 5” to “The Vintage Community.”

It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? I’ll use these posts to highlight some favorite vintage-related posts, and also to give some shout-outs to vintage friends who are doing awesome things (which is always).

This week I want to point out this hilarious article Buzz Feed ran on disgusting vintage recipes:

21 Truly Upsetting Vintage Recipes

Click to see more disgusting “goodies” 

If you’re reading the and you have some vintage news to share (local or not!) send me an email and I might feature you next week!