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Sushi Diner {San Diego}

The gentleman and I hopped over to San Diego recently for a wedding and short vacation. Just what we needed to give ourselves a post-Cubs celebration and some pre-election relaxation.

When we travel, our sights (read: stomachs) are usually set on planning our trip around delicious food. Enter: thee best sushi I have ever seen/tasted/been in the presence of.


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Giveaway: The Travel Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

*Giveaway has ended*


I’ve traveled a fair amount in my 28-whole-years here on Earth, and I like to think that experience has taught me a thing or two about what items make cross-country (or trans-Atlantic) flights a bit more tolerable.


Reusable Water Bottle


Have you ever been the person in the security line who just. isn’t. prepared? You don’t have your laptop out, your coat isn’t off – and oh yeah, you have a full water bottle in your bag.

C’mon. Don’t be that person. Be a pro and come prepared with an empty water bottle.

My bottle of choice is this Baiji option. When I’m not using it, it rolls up and takes up next to no space. Then, right before my flight, I fill it up at a fountain.Most airports have even caught on to the trend and now provide filtered water from fountains.I’ve never had any problems with it leaking, either — always a plus, since I’m always spilling on myself anyway.

I bought this in a set of three — my fiance and his brother enjoyed the other two.

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The Little Bites {Southern California}

I enjoyed lots of little nibbles in between the delicious meals I had on my trip to L.A. They were the types of treats that you don’t plan on, but just grab when you have the chance.

My trip to Santee Alley wouldn’t have been complete without a little bite from a street vendor. Because of my life-long love of donuts, I had to grab this delicious churro:

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