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Pardon me: 37 Things to Say Instead of ‘I’m Sorry’

It’s a part of every woman I know. We learn it from a young age and it follows us until the end.

I’m sorry.

How many times do you say it everyday? Have you ever stopped to count? I tried once and quit when I got to a dozen before 10 a.m. A co-worker recently shared that her sweet 18-month-old (whose vocabulary is obviously limited) has started saying it — not because she’s done something wrong, but because she’s picked it up as a way to fill silence.

We all know there’s a better way, but habits are hard to break. So here’s a start: 37 things to say instead, broken up into different scenarios (with a section for littles, too!). Why 37? Because 38 seemed like too many. I’m not sorry.


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DIY Industrial-Style Fan

I’ve been trying really hard lately to not bring new and unnecessary things into our home. I’m extremely sentimental (read: pack rat), and even though I’ve made a good effort to get rid of a lot, my best bet to a clean home is to limit what I add to it.

That said, I like shiny new things! What’s a girl to do? Especially when she’s been lusting over pretty new fans.


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