Have you ever wandered down the “home” aisles of Target? Row after row of wonderful, perfectly designed throw pillows. Even the website wants me to buy them!

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Photo from Target.com

But they’re all $15-$20 each! I can’t justify that price point — especially with the throw pillow addiction I have going on. Which is why I set to finding a cheaper solution:


You can make some, too, with just a few easy steps.


Head to your local craft store (I prefer Joann’s) and choose your favorite coordinating fabrics. What makes these pillows so fun is the fabric — so go a little our of your comfort zone and pick something you might not normally go for.

I opted to do a solid minty-turquoise back to each, with a pattern on the other side.

amy-and-angie-diy-target-pillow-2 amy-and-angie-diy-target-pillow-9

Note: don’t stress too much about everything matching exactly. As long as they sort of coordinate and they’re patterns that you like, you’ll be fine.

Also pick up some pillow inserts while you’re at the craft store. They can be a little overpriced, so I ordered some on Amazon (similar to these).


Iron your fabric. I know, I know — it’s a pain in the butt. I promise that ironing your fabric will make the end result look much sharper.



Time to measure, cut and pin your fabric. The amount of fabric you need will depend on the size of the insert pillows you purchase. I got 18″x18″ inserts, so I measured my fabric 18″x18″ as well.

It might seem weird to cut your fabric the same size as the pillows, but the tighter fit will mean a more professional-looking end result.

Face the two square pieces with the right sides in and pin around the edge.


Time to sew! Sew around all edges, leaving roughly 10″ open on one end. Use about a 1/4″-1/2″ seam allowance.

After you’re done sewing, snip the corners off each end. Doing this will ensure a sharper corner when you turn the pillow right-side out.

amy-and-angie-diy-target-pillow-6 amy-and-angie-diy-target-pillow-5


Turn the case right-side out and shove in your insert pillow.


It’ll be a tight fit, so work slowly to ensure you don’t bust any of the seams.


Final step! Pin the opening closed and sew your final stitches. As far as seam allowance, sew as close to the edge as possible.



Now all you have to do is repeat until all your beds, couches and armchairs are stuffed full of fluffy throw pillows.

amy-and-angie-diy-target-pillow-8 amy-and-angie-diy-target-pillow-7


Are you as obsessed with throw pillows as I am? What home items can you not get enough of?



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