I know I said I was back in May, but I guess that was a teensy bit of a lie. Sorry, guys. As it turns out, I needed a little bit longer of a break than I thought. A break from blogging, that is. Here’s some proof I haven’t been snoozing on vintage 😉
Apparently these are my two favorite dresses, as I wore and posed with
the same ones at my St.Louis sale in May!

I had a blast with some new and old friends at Vintage Heaven last weekend, including my new favorite vendor, Richard from Richard’s Fabulous Finds. Such a nice, positive guy with an incredible taste for men’s vintage.

This cutie bought my favorite halter…hope she has time
to enjoy it before the weather cools off too much 🙂


My newest addition to the shop, just waiting to be scooped up!


I protested a picture on this day because it was so hot,
but this pose was my compromise 😉

I’ve recently met lots of very inspirational people in blogging and vintage alike, and I’ve been coming up with all sorts of new ideas. I’m excited to give Amy & Angie the same revamp I gave myself over the summer. Stick around — I promise I’ll be back this time!

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