I didn’t know her very well, but from what I understand, my great-grandmother was kind of a bad ass.

Immigrated to this country when she was 17 without knowing the language or many people and proceeded to build a family and a life.

She was also known for being stubborn and strong-willed. Hmm…wonder if I take after her at all 🙂

She made everything from scratch, including frequent loaves of steaming hot bread — since aptly named by the rest of us as “Busia Bread” (Busia = Polish for grandmother). The time-intensive process includes several risings, during which you are supposed to cover the bowl of dough with layers of cloth. I happen to have many of these same cloths she used — they are, in fact, old flour sacks.

As luck would have it, one is still intact. It’s far too special to use as a rag, and I knew exactly how I could honor it and Mary.

After considering a custom frame job, I picked up this $25 frame from Ikea. I may get museum glass added to prevent fading — not sure yet if we’ll need that.

My main tip for framing fabric is to IRON. I made the mistake of carelessly throwing it in at first and it looked bad (and not just because I also forgot to remove the protective film, smarty).

I love it, I love my Busia and I love bread. As we all should.


Have you ever framed something unexpected? Spill!


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