My love for vintage is only topped by my love for comfort. While I would love to live in huge, cupcake vintage dresses, that wouldn’t be suitable or comfortable for work.

I can sometimes find the perfect vintage piece for work, but more often than not I find myself choosing vintage-inspired pieces that I can wear all day — and that includes 2 miles of walking for my commute!

On this particular day, I went for a 60s mod vibe:


The dress is an ancient $4 Goodwill find, but I found these similar ones:

For some added details I threw on a pair of white sunnies and did a quick updo (and I mean quick. I tend to sleep in as long as possible).


My preference is vintage sunglasses, for a more authentic look. However, since I tend to lose sunglasses every chance I get, I often just snag a pair of cheapies — the ones above are from a dollar store.

If you’re even a little bit more responsible with your accessories, you might like one of these similar styles:

Want to know my big secret, though? It’s in the shoes, and six months ago I’d be ashamed to admit it.

amy-and-angie-outfit-3Did you catch it? Those are Crocs.

I know.

I balked when my sister suggested I try some on a few months ago. She assured me that they have more styles now, so I lamented and tried on a few. And you know what? They were really comfortable. And not at all like the gardening shoes Crocs is infamous for. So I bought a pair (or two) and now they serve as a comfortable shoe option for work.

And I’ll bet you didn’t even notice until I said something!

Here’s some similar options I like, if you’re interested:

I love the idea of mixing and matching different pieces from my closet to create a look I can feel comfortable and cute in all day long. And as for the Crocs? I’m a convert and not even the littlest bit shy about it.


Do you have any style secrets? I’d love to know!