Finally, my favorite outfits went to my favorite character in this week’s episode. Peggy looked so mod!

So obviously this dress was going to be high on my list of favorites:

All images are screen captures from AMC

This dress takes Peggy’s usual look and sort of pushes it a little further. The costume was custom created, so instead of finding an exact match, I looked for similar colors and that classic “Peggy” style (check for shop links in the caption):

Golden Crane Vintage


This navy suit set and orange blouse mimic the look (shop links in caption, again):
Even though she’s apprehensive here, this suit suits her (heh heh):
This suit in a similar color and with some added texture is a nice match:
Moxie Kin


Although I really like some of Joan’s outfits, I also sort of like the idea of an all-Peggy post. So there you have it!