In honor of the very last episodes of Mad Men (sobs) I’ve decided to do a style post for each episode. Did you see something you loved in Sunday’s episode? Well you’re in luck, because I’ve found some great, similar finds on Etsy:


My favorite from Peggy in this episode was her two-tone polka blouse that got hardly any screen time:

All show images screen captured from AMC

And while this ShopExile blouse is navy and not black, the feel is definitely similar:

From ShopExile

I also loved this dress that she wore on her date:


This Recycling the Blues dress would be a great alternative:

Recycling the Blues


I loved the neckline and fun hems on this black dress from Joan’s shopping spree:


I found these two dresses from Mintage Clothing Co and Zest Vintage to be happy mediums:

Mintage Clothing Co


Zest Vintage

While I like her pink blouse shown here, I really love the necklace:

I equally love this similar necklace from Secret Eyes Only:

Secret Eyes Only

Cynthia Cosgrove

She may have limited appearances on the show, but her style is spot-on. Just look at her nightgown from the most recent episode:


I’m partial to this one from Pieces Boutique:

Pieces Boutique

Those were my favorites from this week — check back next week for more!