I have to say, I loved so many more pieces from this week’s episode than I did from last weeks. Lots more color, and more pleasing patterns (in my opinion!).


I feel like Betty is really transitioning into the 1970s (in her own way) with more blouse/pant combinations and fewer dresses.

All images are screen captures from AMC

This North of Brooklyn blouse has similar delicate flowers and feels just as fresh as Betty’s:


North of Brooklyn

She does it again with this great blue/brown/cream patterned blouse:

This Fresh Lavender blouse lacks the blue seen in Betty’s, but keeps the geometric pattern:

Fresh Lavender


Joan’s outfits are usually hit or miss for me, but I loved this look:

I went all out for this one and found pieces to mimic the whole outfit (shop links in caption):

Vintage Runway
(just the skirt!)
Curb Traders Vintage

And then layer these necklaces to top it off:

1980 Boudoir
Medusa Curls


Love this blouse Sally pouted in during dinner:

This The Retro Cat peasant blouse nearly fits the bill, with its crochet details:

The Retro Cat

There were so many other clothes I loved, but I’ll just save the rest for next week 🙂