This was a busy, busy week. My alma mater’s homecoming was last week, so I took some time to go back and visit with old friends…and hit up some of my favorite thrift and antique stores from college.

I found this beautiful 1940s slip at my favorite (and kind of secret) antique store.

The detail is hand painted! I’ve never seen anything like this before.

Not that far away, I found this fun 1960s dress:


Daisy details

Over the weekend, I also hopped on over to a bunch of estate sales and thrift stores with my boyfriend, who is sometimes better known as the best estate sale companion ever. He was the one who spotted both of these 1970s boots:

He also polished them up and got them very close to their original condition. Yes!!

Other estate sale finds included:

Amazing dress that makes me wish it was early summer.


Red, scalloped neck sweater

The best halter ever. Sorry duckies.



And then I went sweater-crazy at a thrift store.



Don’t worry though, all this (plus the things I didn’t even show you…I know…) will be at the Vintage Heaven sale on Saturday and Sunday!
Until then, I think I need to steer clear of thrift stores!