I had a very exciting week that motivated me to stock up on vintage pieces as best I could. The surprise will have to wait until later in the week, but it’s a good one, guys!

Until then, here’s the pretty, pretty pieces I found.


My wonderful friend Maggie gave me this butter colored coat the other day. Isn’t that so nice? This girl has the best closest I have ever seen– it’s full of the coolest vintage clothes you could ever imagine!

I also stopped by the Salvation Army and found these.

Isn’t this dress amazing? Not sure I could pull it off, but I know a few of my friends it would great on!


And this fun dress from the 1970s with a lace top. The pink ribbon on this dress is just one of the many clues that I need to get my iron out. Or, as it were, buy an iron.
I also stopped by a thrift store by my sister’s place. She’s the best/worst shopping influence ever 🙂
Example #2 that I need an iron


That coat is my favorite find of the week! It’s super soft and not at all itchy. Best of all? The original silk lining is in perfect condition.

Can’t wait to fill you in on my surprise later in the week!

What did you guys find this week?

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