Well, Monday is quickly becoming my favorite day of the week. Why? Because I get to share with you all the prettiest things I have found!

This past week I was able to get to several thrift stores and pick out some very cute pieces.

I found this red and black polka dot number at a nearby Salvation Army


The best part? I found it’s matching coat in a different part of the store! I love vintage separates because you can mix and match them with more modern things. I can definitely see that jacket being paired with some dark jeans.


I also stopped at a Goodwill out in the suburbs over the weekend. I usually find more vintage pieces in the suburbs. There’s so many people in Chicago who are also looking for vintage that the racks at thrift stores can be picked over.

I found this gorgeous 1970s dress. It’s so flowy and comfy that I really wanted to keep it for myself. Don’t worry though, I’ll post it in the shop with the other pieces.

I also found this 1930s top. Those buttons are actually snaps! I don’t often find such old pieces so this was a very exciting find.


Did you find anything good this past week? I’d love to see what other people are finding!