Who knew curtains could cause so much anxiety? I swear my friends are about to abandon me because of my constant questions (What about this color? It is too this? Too that? Are you about to murder me if I ask anything else?).

There’s just something so permanent about them…despite them being easily removed. Even though I’m a bargain hunter, it’s still an investment when you’ve got as many windows as we do in our new place. And it will definitely impact what color rugs/furniture/decor I use.

But Amy, you ask, why start with curtains? Wouldn’t it make more sense to start with big pieces, like a couch? Um. YES. But of course I’m not going the easy route. Because I found this image on Pinterest a few months back:

Hi there, Hymns and Verses! Thanks for using these pretty curtains and inspiring me.

I loveloveloved the contrast of something a little country with more modern touches. And that’s how my living room plan began to revolve around buffalo check. I very quickly realized how much I could spend on curtains, and then outright refused. Here’s where that deal scrounging has brought me:

Delightful buffalo check just how I want it for only $20/panel? Yes please! I snagged these from Amazon after lots of searching, price comparison and considering making them myself.

This is where my indecision comes into play. I’m putting the checked curtains on the front window, but we have two other windows to consider. See?

I was drawn to my fav color (aqua/mint/turquoise/whatever you want to call it).

The one pictured is from Amazon, but I snagged mine at Homegoods. My biggest curtain tip is to make lots (and LOTS) of visit to Homegoods. They were by far cheaper than anywhere else, especially for the quality. I’m talking $17 for two panels instead of $40. No. Brainer.

I’ve yet to land on anything specific for the dining room and downstairs office, but here’s where my head’s at:

Pretty pom pom/tufts for the office:

And textured neutrals for the dining room:

What do you think? Are you getting modern farmhouse vibes?