After a short holiday break, Angelica and I are back with more smart style and home ideas to get you and your space looking great without breaking the bank.

Something about taking some time off put me in a crafting mood. So much so that I knocked this project out in a single day (yay for low-effort DIYs!).

Speaking of low-effort DIYs, don’t kick yourself for missing out on Angelica’s cute and simple air plant holder. Seriously, take a look. You’ll be asking yourself the classic “why didn’t I think of that?”

Despite my messy tendencies, I really do enjoy clean spaces. Our habit of tossing clothes on the nightstand in the bedroom was starting to give me anxiety, so it was time for a solution. I call these our “in between” clothes. Not quite clean enough to hang back up, but clean enough to wear again.

So what if I take up most of the real estate? 🙂

I ran to the nearest hardware store with a lumber yard and started perusing. Problem is, I wanted something with a rustic and imperfect look — not easy to find among rows and rows of perfectly milled boards. I chatted up an associate who tipped me off to the scrap pile, where I found this beauty:

He originally told me it’d be a few dollars, but after he cut it down to size for me, he made a few marks on the back. Turns out, according to the cashier, those marks meant I got to take the pieces for free. Yippee! Which means that, combined with the hooks and stain I purchased, this baby cost less than $10.

And it was seriously simple. All I did was stain all sides (probably should have given it a light sanding, but oh well) and drilled in the hooks. Now, full disclosure: I hung this up the first time and it came crashing down in the middle of the night (it’s SO fun to wake up to that sound!!).

Josh took a crack at it the next day, and wouldn’t you know it? The sucker hasn’t budged yet. That guy’s pretty handy. Think I’ll keep him around 😉

What “stupid simple” home project have you scrapped together? I’d love to hear your ideas!