So if you haven’t already noticed, I am an out of control nerd. No apologizes, though, cause it’s really fun.

I was invited to my latest nerd outing by Nerd Sr. (aka, my dad). My uncle recently spoke at a pinball convention, so we were invited to see him speak and try out hundreds of pinballs machines.

I couldn’t say “yes” fast enough!

More than nerding out and enjoying playing all the games, I loved getting to see all the awesome vintage graphics. Somehow vintage graphics (and advertisements) are so simple, but somehow have so much great detail.

Photo quality is poor, I know. I forgot a memory card for my camera so had to resort to my phone.

This one was one of the earliest machines. It didn’t even have flippers!

One of the huge advertisement
reproductions they had hanging around the convention
But this one was my favorite:
If I ever get super nerdy one day, an old machine like this would make an excellent addition to my home, don’t you think?