I don’t know about you, but I’ve been trying to declutter and simplify my life where ever I can — including my wardrobe. But I still have that craving so many of us have to look nice and fashionable and be able to accessorize as I please. So what’s a girl to do?

Enter: On a Shoestring!


I’m collaborating with Angelica from Gardening in High Heels on a series of posts where we will reimagine fashion, food, decor and more all on a shoestring budget. We’re out to prove that it doesn’t take mountains (or even molehills) of money to look fashionable and put together.


This month’s challenge: Transition a summer dress into a fun, fall-friendly outfit.


I originally hoped to do something with one of Josh’s flannel shirts, but that idea has yet to come to fruition. Instead, you get a lace-y summer dress transitioned into a makeshift skirt/sweater combo!


Here’s how the details breakdown — cost and all — from top to bottom!

  • Scarf, unlabeled via Goodwill – $3
  • Gray sweater, Old Navy – $0
  • Lace dress, Solitaire via Nordstrom Rack – $0
  • Purse, vintage via my sweet sister – $0
  • Leggings, Lularoe – $0
  • Booties, Old Navy, $0
*Note: $0 means it was already in my closet


So for $3 I took a very summery dress and transformed it into an entirely autumnal outfit. And you know what? A leather purse was one of my Fall Thrifting Goals anyway, so…two birds, one stone.



Mmmm, look at that perfect manicure (ahem).


This On a Shoestring theme really challenged me to take a risk and make something work. Would I normally put a sweater over a dress? No, probably not. But thinking outside the box (and my closet) made me ask myself, ‘Why not?’ And it totally works.


Speaking of totally working, check out how Angelica took a flowy summer dress and made it more structured (and warmer!) for fall. I need to get me some of those tights…


So, what do you say: are you in for the November round of On a Shoestring?


What would you try to do On a Shoestring?