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Easy Weeknight Sweet Potato Tacos

I don’t know about you, but if I don’t get my meal plans sorted on Sunday, it’s probably not going to happen. Which means dinner might be a haphazard mashing-together of whatever’s in the pantry.

Seeing as we like to eat a balanced dinner whenever possible, I’ve been making a real effort to keep several quick, easy and healthy recipes in my pocket for those hectic weeks.


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DIY Target-style Throw Pillows

Have you ever wandered down the “home” aisles of Target? Row after row of wonderful, perfectly designed throw pillows. Even the website wants me to buy them!

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 9.05.32 PM
Photo from

But they’re all $15-$20 each! I can’t justify that price point — especially with the throw pillow addiction I have going on. Which is why I set to finding a cheaper solution:


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What I Want in March

Even though I am striving for a more simplified life, I can’t help but be drawn in by beautiful things I see everywhere (in stores, on Amazon, etc.)

Rather than try and cram everything into our small apartment, I thought it’d be a little wiser to share them here. That way we can all “ooh and ahh” together, and then those of us who have room can partake 🙂

1.) Reusable Berry Baskets

These. are. adorable.

amy-and-angie-berry-basket 2
Creative Co-op Stoneware Berry Baskets, Multicolor, Set of 4

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Monday Motivation >> A Little Reminder

Barely sneaking this Monday Motivation post in, but happy I had a chance to do so.

amy-and-angie-monday-motivation-marcus-aureliusI’ve been trying to constantly remind myself of this.

Do I really need a new storage bin to organize things? Or do I just need less things?

Do I need to feel guilty for eating cookies? Or do I need to simply be grateful they exist and that I can afford the luxury of eating food for pleasure?

Do I really need to makes tons of new friends? Or do I need to do a better job of appreciating my family and existing friends?

Just some food for thought this week. As I strive to provide a simpler life for myself, this is definitely at the fore-front.