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What I Want in March

Even though I am striving for a more simplified life, I can’t help but be drawn in by beautiful things I see everywhere (in stores, on Amazon, etc.)

Rather than try and cram everything into our small apartment, I thought it’d be a little wiser to share them here. That way we can all “ooh and ahh” together, and then those of us who have room can partake 🙂

1.) Reusable Berry Baskets

These. are. adorable.

amy-and-angie-berry-basket 2
Creative Co-op Stoneware Berry Baskets, Multicolor, Set of 4

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Monday Motivation >> A Little Reminder

Barely sneaking this Monday Motivation post in, but happy I had a chance to do so.

amy-and-angie-monday-motivation-marcus-aureliusI’ve been trying to constantly remind myself of this.

Do I really need a new storage bin to organize things? Or do I just need less things?

Do I need to feel guilty for eating cookies? Or do I need to simply be grateful they exist and that I can afford the luxury of eating food for pleasure?

Do I really need to makes tons of new friends? Or do I need to do a better job of appreciating my family and existing friends?

Just some food for thought this week. As I strive to provide a simpler life for myself, this is definitely at the fore-front.

Monday Motivation >> Wander

I think sometimes as adults we forget how good daydreaming can be. You know? When I was a kid, I actually pursued daydreaming.

I’d rush to finish a test in class so I could savor those extra few minutes where there wasn’t enough time to start a new task, so I had to just sit there quietly and daydream. Same with every car ride I ever took.


Can we all make a promise to try and save a little time for daydreaming? My best daydreams used to help me concoct recipes and names for dolls and future plans. Who knows what they could do now?