Maybe you’ve already guessed (from stories like this one), but I’m a pretty clumsy lady sometimes. Just a few weeks ago I stumbled upon three of the most beautiful dishes I had ever seen. They were a deep blue and in the same shape as these guys:


Within one measly hour of getting them, I broke not one, not two, but ALL THREE dishes. I even surprised myself that day.

In any case, my point is I am very hesitant to post breakable housewares in the shop for fear of them breaking in a million pieces during shipment. Don’t worry though, because there will be plenty of opportunity for you to snag these pieces in person throughout the year:

Pretty Yellow Vase (or Vahhhse? 🙂

Fun Polka Dot Glasses

My Favorite: Colorful Shot Glass. 

I almost forgot how much I love vintage housewares! In the near future, I’ll be sharing some of my everyday vintage dishes and how I care for them.

Have a great week, everyone!

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