Am I the only one who has tons of pillows laying around? And not the cute ones either — just those plain, white, boring ones you sleep on.


I thought it was high time to make these sacks of boring into something cute…or at least something with more potential!

I set off to create a more usable insert pillow, which I intend to cover in something cute 🙂


Grab an old pillow (obviously).



Measure out how big (or small) you want your insert pillow to be. I found that I like mine to be anywhere from 18 to 20 inches.




Snip, snip, snip!

Or, as the case may be, hack, hack, hack. 

Yes, it turns out that pillows don’t go quietly. My best tip for getting through the thickness quickly is to use sewing scissors to cut the top layer of fabric. Then switch to a not-so-nice pair of scissors to hack (yes, actually hack) through the stuffing. You can even out the bumps later with the sharper scissors. Beware that using sewing scissors to cut through all the foam may dull them.

Lookin’ goooood!


Time to sew! Go slow with this, taking time to stop and adjust the pillow when you need to. It’s a lot of stuff to control and sew at the same time, so slow really does win the race here.

Also, thread color doesn’t matter, since it’s an insert pillow. So if you’re, say, too lazy to change your bobbin from the last project you did…red thread is fine.

Guess who can’t sew a straight line worth a flip and doesn’t mind?

And there you have it! A nice, new insert pillow ready to be made up all cute-like.

Have you ever re-purposed bedding for something else? Tell me about it!