I’m not sure how widely known this is, but I’m going to spill my thrifting secret: churches have the best stuff. Really!
Over the weekend I hit up a rummage sale near my hometown and walked out with a giant bag of vintage. Not only that, but they money I spent will go right back into the community through outreach programs. Neat, right?
And just down the street from said church is my favorite little hole-in-the-wall thrift store. It benefits the same church (I think?) and always has little old ladies bustling about and talking about what their favorite thing in the store is.
In any case, that’s my big secret. And here’s some lovely dresses:

Perfect late 1960s dress with cropped jacket.

A teal-ish 1970s dress that
I may have to keep 🙂

And a beautiful 1950s party dress
that is too small for my mannequin! (See below)

I have lots and lots more from the weekend, and with another Vintage Heaven sale fast approaching, there’s sure to be more soon.

I’m also working on organizing all these clothes, so stop back later in the week for some tips!

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