Ok, corny post title. But I went through so many tops this weekend it’s more than appropriate.

All of these are available in the shop as of this morning:

1970s “Samantha O” Blouse
1970s Geometric Blouse

1970s Navy Patterned Shirt
1970s Green & White Polo

1960s Red & White Sweater

And, as usual, I have a small dilemma. Should I keep this shirt or sell it? I’m a sucker for polka dots but am still torn!

Pretty, pretty polka dot blouse

My great news of the week is that I have a friend visiting this weekend who is excited to model some clothes for me. This means I get to showcase some of my tinier outfits.

I also stocked up on lots of coats at an amazing sale this past weekend. Hopefully my friend will be up to modeling those too!

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