I got a new camera! It’s beautiful and shiny and everything I’ve ever wanted.
Phew. Now that I’ve got that out of me, ready for a shop update?
I’ve started to focus a bit more on jewelry and mens products, seeing as how I’ve already got mountains of clothes. My new found focus made this past weekend’s shopping even more fun.

Retro Star Cuff Links

Vintage Checked Cuff Links

After my exciting cuff link finds, I was even more thrilled to come across these lovely necklaces:

1950s Seafoam Necklace

1960s Watch Necklace 
(the back is engraved with “Bethel 1967”)

Double Chain Necklace with Pendant

1960s Gold & Yellow Necklace

I still have to practice a bit more with the new camera, but seriously. These photos are already so much better!

Now, while I’ve got your attention from all the shiny things, maybe you can help me. I need a name for these shop update posts, something less boring than “shop update.” I was going with “Monday Boost” for a while, but the goofiness of that has worn off. Any suggestions??

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