Every year around the holidays, I’m sucked in by the pretty red and green wrapping paper. And every January, I realize how much extra Christmas paper I have…and that it’s pretty much useless for a whole year.

In my continued efforts to simplify my life, I have dubbed 2016 the first year of simplified wrappings.


What does this mean exactly? It doesn’t mean no wrapping paper at all — nor does it mean using the funnies page from the Sunday paper as gift wrap. It just mean narrowing and limiting my purchases.

So now, instead of this…


…I pick up lovely prints like these (when they go on sale, of course):

IMG_4183 IMG_4175

I’ve already successfully celebrated Christmas and two birthdays with my newfound method, and I have to say — no one said a thing about the lack of Santas or birthday cake on the paper. The gifts looked beautiful stacked together, and that’s all anyone saw.

The best news? I can use each of these patterns all through the year. Which means my gift wrapping supplies take up considerably less space. In fact, they fit in one container:

A perfect fit!


Do you have any tips or tricks that help you simplify and save space?