I have a secret weapon when it comes to finding deals: my friend Chris. He’s basically a deals ninja. I’ve decided that it’s selfish to keep these updates to myself, so I’m sharing with you!

Today’s deal (originally found on Kinja) allows you to save $7.50 on the purchase of a $25 gift card from a whole list of stores. It’s a promotion being offered by Swych, a new app that allows you to consolidate and organize your gift cards.

I’m excited to try the app, since I’m currently using this method. It works and all, but if I don’t have a piece of tape or a pen, things quickly get unorganized.

I scooped up a $25 Amazon gift card for $17.50 — getting $7.50 in free Amazon credit! Which is perfect, because I’ve had my eye on this dress for literally months.

I couldn’t pull the trigger because it’s definitely not a need, but I’m using this discounted gift card as an excuse to treat ma’ self!

Simply download the Swych app, load a $25 gift card into your cart and use the promo code Hello7. The app will want you to pay with Amazon Pay, which really just means logging into your Amazon account from the app and using your saved form of payment. Easy peasy — took me a total of 2 minutes.

TBD if the same person can use the code multiple times, but if you are successful in doing so, let me know.

*PS, this isn’t a promoted post — I’m just really excited.


What are you going to get with your free money?