Once in a while, when life is a little too much, my sister and I spend a whole weekend watching crappy TV and shopping. It’s the perfect fix for anything. Anything.

I love her lots. I also happen to love the thrift stores surrounding her house. Amazing!

Perfect 1950s green dress. A keeper, perhaps?

Another 1950s find, in a lighter green. 

1980s sparkles!

And…the best thing I have ever seen. 

You guys, I’m dying. 

Seriously considering keeping a couple of those. And to be honest, I was very on the fence about the sparkly 1980s dress, but my sister insisted it was a good find and that someone would like it. And you know what? She hasn’t steered me wrong yet. 

I‘m also taking it as a sign that this just happened to be on TV as I took photos:

One of our favorite movies. A perfect movie to watch while looking at some perfect dresses 🙂

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