Spring has sprung! I’ve been enjoying a few days here and there away from the city to celebrate life’s wonderful moments with friends and enjoy equally wonderful moments eating pizza with my sister.

My sister took me this great home accessories store. A few things were overpriced, but I’ve never seen such a big selection of throw pillows!

I made these sweet little bows with some vintage fabric from my stash. Find the fun tutorial here.


This spring is special for me, though. I’m just a few short weeks away from a fabulous European excursion (which I will definitely blabber about afterward!).

I’ve been scraping together last minute details and ironing out plans. I’m looking to find that balance between squeezing in everything I want to do and still keeping things spontaneous.

Until then, I’ll be soaking up all the warm weather things I can find!

Found this lil guy near my sister’s house. He was not as happy as we were!
I know it’s nearing summer when my ice cream cravings go through the roof 🙂


What about you? How have you welcomed spring? And is there anything I absolutely must see in Europe (England, Poland, France)?


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