The gentleman and I hopped over to San Diego recently for a wedding and short vacation. Just what we needed to give ourselves a post-Cubs celebration and some pre-election relaxation.

When we travel, our sights (read: stomachs) are usually set on planning our trip around delicious food. Enter: thee best sushi I have ever seen/tasted/been in the presence of.


I know … kind of underwhelming, right? Especially for having thee best sushi I’ve ever had. Their website isn’t much to look twice at, either. But stay with me here.

A sweet bartender at Acoustic Ales highly recommended the place, saying “I’m originally from Hawaii, and they have the best fish.”

So. Pretty solid rec, right?

It was a bit of a haul, but we made it happily (aaaand at my insistence). Two bites in, though, and we were both smiling ear-to-ear at what Sushi Diner had to offer.


I’m a believer in taking recommendations to heart, so we barely looked at the menu before we ordered exactly what our bartender had recommended — The Ziggy Platter — along with a seaweed salad.

Cue: not talking at all because we were too busy enjoying the perfect (and weirdly Bob Marley-themed) restaurant and sushi.


Sushi Diner boasts a serious menu of options, from sushi rolls and sashimi, to full entrees. And everything is super reasonably priced. 

If you are ever in the San Diego area and like sushi even a little bit, drag your butt to Sushi Diner and bask in the heaven that is perfect sushi. We will be back for more!