There’s a little bit of a chill in there air in Chicago this week, and it has me looking forward to fall. It’s by far my favorite season, so I can’t wait to break out some fall tones and fabrics.

These are my favorite Amy & Angie Vintage pieces with fall flair.

This lightweight fabric is perfect for transitioning from late summer to early fall:

1960s Sandstone Dress

Doesn’t this just scream “back to school”?

1950s Vintage -- Study Time Dress and Jacket -- Small
1950s Study Time Set


Possibly my favorite Amy & Angie shoes ever — if only they fit!

Vintage Shoes -- 1970s Red Cross Shoes
1970s Red Cross Shoes


The nice thick fabric of this dress would be perfect for some of fall’s colder days:

1960s Fall Leaves Dress


This classic red skirt will transition from fall to winter with hardly any effort

1980s Vintage -- Teacher's Pet Skirt -- Small
1980s Teacher’s Pet Skirt


What are you most looking forward to about fall?