Remember these guys? Well I couldn’t just let them hang out naked like that! Some coverings were definitely in order.


Yeah, I know it’s October. But the ice cold Chicago winter will be here before we know it, and I for one am starting my layers now.

This sweater in particular was a) too big and b) for a man. So snip, snip is was:



Bye bye, sleeves

I sliced off the sleeves and hoped to use the rest to cover this indecent thing:

Don’t have an insert pillow? Make your own!

First things first: I plopped my insert pillow on top of the sweater remnants to make sure it was going to all fit:


I thought it looked pretty good, so I turned the fabric inside out (with right sides facing each other) and sewed around three edges.

If, at this point, you find yourself with too much material, simply pin in a few inches on each side, sew a new seam, and trim off the excess.

On the fourth side, I sewed about a third of the way in from each side, leaving a gap in the middle. Once you sew those two seams, turn the whole thing right-side-out. If your corners are being finicky, use a stick of some sort to get them nice and pointy (I’ve used a chopstick, pencil and even the back end of a seam ripper for this).


That gap is important! Accidentally sew it shut and you won’t be able to do this:


After that, grab some soldiers and carefully pin the opening shut, tucking in any loose edges (especially important if you’re working with a cable knit, like I was). You could, of course, hem all edges before you sew the cover…but where’s the fun in that?


Jam that baby up close with your Singer (or other sewing vessel) and slowly sew the seam. Seriously guys, the slower the better. It’s a lot of material to guide through the machine, and there’s nothing worse than “finishing” a project and realizing you made a mistake you need to fix. Do it slow the first time and save yourself the trouble.

And your patience will be rewarded!


I have a love/hate relationship going on with this project. It’s so, so cozy, but I just can’t find the right place for it.


More and more, I’m thinking the right place for it is curled up with me 🙂


Have you ever sewn something you’re just.not.sure about? Please, tell me!