Thanks to Tryazon, I was yet again able to host some lovely ladies for a fun afternoon of trying products and generally just hanging out. Any reason to chat and snack is a good in my book!

We tried out the flatbread and puff pastry dough. My goal was to use them in a practical, appetizer-y (not a word) way. We settled on everything crackers and raspberry/hazelnut palmiers. Sounds terrible, right? 😉

For the crackers, we just unrolled the flatbread dough, cut into triangles and squares, brushed with olive oil and topped with my fav everything seasoning from Trader Joe’s (only $1.99 per bottle…but I think it’s worth its weight in gold). I baked them at 400 F for about 14 minutes and then served them up with a “fancy” cream cheese/jelly spread.

The palmiers were a bit more involved. Again, we just unrolled the dough, but then spread out on top raspberry preserves and chocolate hazelnut spread. Honestly? We used too much filling. They were pretty difficult to cut and get on the baking sheet. BUT! They still turned out wonderfully and were a little too easy to eat.

Big thanks to Wewalka, not just for the dough for these treats, but for fun giveaways for my guests! This has definitely been my favorite product to test so far — it’s something I can definitely see myself using, especially for parties.


Happy baking, friends!