Have you ever noticed the mountains of ties at practically every thrift store? They just sit there, waiting for someone to buy them, until they’re eventually recycled with other cast offs that no one wanted.

There has to be a better use for them, right?



How About Orange has a neat tutorial for creating these sweet little bows to attached to paperclips:

Image from How About Orange

You can really use any fabric scrap, but what a neat use for discarded ties!


Amy and Angie’s own Lovely Garland can easily be adapted to use old ties. Wouldn’t that be neat for a dad or grandpa’s birthday?


Hmm, I may have to try this adaption myself!


These fabric rosettes from You Seriously Made That? would be a perfect use for forgotten-about ties.

Blue and Purple
Image from You Seriously Made That?

Don’t you the idea of using these in place of boutonnières at a wedding?


Fashion Diva Design has the cutest tutorial for these bow bracelets.

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 10.52.18 AM
Image from Fashion Diva Design

How easy would it be to recreate this with a bow tie, instead? Cute!


This zippered pouch tutorial already uses long strips of fabrics, so it’s the perfect use for neckties.

Image from www.handmadiya.com

With the right coordinating neckties, this could be a great DIY gift for a boyfriend or husband!


I don’t know about you, but when I have aching muscles, just about the only thing that soothes me is a hot or cold pack (depending on the ache!). These DIY ones from Bee in my Bonnet would make it easy to have plenty to reach for.

Image from Bee in My Bonnet

Just make sure there’s no metallic threads in the tie fabric. Hot packs like these are warmed in the microwave, so any kind of metal is definitely something to avoid 🙂


Fabric hangers are a must for delicate fabrics — but they can be pretty pricey. This tutorial from Laura Trevey shows you how to make them yourself.

Image from Laura Trevey

I think I’ll add in a little padding when I get around to making some of these. How perfect to use neckties for a “manlier” version!


With the right snipping strategy, there would be enough fabric in a tie to make some of these koozies from Positively Splendid:

Image from Positively Splendid

Maybe for a bachelor party? Or even for everyday use. I know my dad would love one to keep his favorite can of pop nice and cool.


I can never have enough necklaces. Aside from my engagement ring, it’s definitely my jewelry of choice. So it’s a no-brainer that these necklaces from Burda Style would be the perfect necktie DIY:

Image from Burda Style

Funnily enough, these necklaces are very similar to some adorable accessories I picked up in Krakow. You can look forward to and Amy and Angie tutorial on those necklaces soon!


This passport cover tutorial from Lovely Indeed is perfect for the travel bug:

Image from Lovely Indeed

I’ve been working on making a passport cover for myself, but I think Josh might enjoy one made out of sleek fabric from a thrift black tie.


What’s your best idea for reusing thrifted ties?


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