I’m so pumped about the things I love this week!

(most obvious statement ever?)

1.) Pop-Up City – Indoor Vintage Campground Is Bonn’s Newest Hostel

OK. I’m dying. Does anyone want to go here with me??

Source: Pop-Up City

This German hostel is made to look like a vintage campground…and it’s indoors! C’mon, need I say more?

2.) Antique Alter Ego – Vintage Home Decorating: 1960s Dining Room Set and Bars

Right now my tiny apartment doesn’t have room for much more furniture, but one day I’ll have a house and I will fill it with beautiful things like these:

Source: Antique Alter Ego

3.) Boxden – Vintage New York

Bear with me on the “design” of this site, because the photos it holds are so worth it:

Source: Boxden

4.) Becoming Lola – Building a Vintage Wardrobe for Fall 2013

My vintage fashion inspiration comes from all over the place, not just what I see on the racks at a thrift store. Posts like these always inspire me for the new season.

Source: Becoming Lola

5.) FARS – Vintage Thermos Flower Vases

So I’m cheating just a little, because this isn’t technically a blog post. But it’s just too clever of an idea to forget about! The picture pretty much says it all:

Source: FARS

What are your favorite blog posts from this week?