This week’s Top 5 is (understandably) littered with vintage and vintage-inspired gift ideas. I can’t think of anything more fun!

1.) DIY Vintage Glass Candles – An Oregon Cottage

By now we’ve all seen the DIY teacup candles, right? I made them last year for gifts and my friends and aunts loved them. What I love even more is this new, clever take on the idea!


2.) Vintage Wooden Christmas Ornaments – Mom Spark

I think ornaments are always a great gift, especially for couples who have recently moved in together. These vintage ornaments are cute options:


3.) Vintage Calendars for 2014 – Livin Vintage

This clever girl shared a short but sweet post on a brilliant idea — using vintage calendars that match up with the days in 2014! I can’t wait to find myself one from the years she shares.


4.) Vintage Wallpaper – Smash

Two things: one, how did I not know about this site before? And two, look at all the pretty patterns! I don’t have the patience for wallpaper, even if I could paste it up in my apartment, but I do love the look of these vintage selections.


5.) Vintage Photos of Christmas in Boston – Business Insider

Ok, so this article has no gift options — but it does have beautiful photos! And it reminds me of a good friend who lives in Boston 🙂


Hope your holiday is going well!