I’m constantly looking at other vintage blogs and websites…and I mean constantly! I wake up earlier than I need to in the morning to squeeze in some extra time, browse my favorite sites during my lunch break and am always sneaking little peeks in throughout the day.

So why not share?

Here are my top five favorite posts from this week:

1.) Twisted Sifter – Vintage Photos of New York Superimposed onto Present Day

I’ve seen many artists attempt to superimpose old photos onto new ones, but this one takes the cake! Just look at these:

Source: Twisted Sifter

Source: Twisted Sifter

2.) PSFK – Levi’s Hacks Vintage Items to Function as Modern-Day Social Media Devices

First off, I love anything that combines vintage and modern ideas/things (see above). So this idea of taking old, non-electrical items and hacking them to work with social media sites seemed so fun!

Check out the old Underwood typewriter that posts to Twitter:

Source: PSFK

3.) Lost in the 50s – Vintage Umbrellas

Even though it didn’t rain a drop here this week, I’m always a sucker for vintage umbrellas. I currently have three (too many? nah…) sitting in my apartment that I just refuse to sell!

Source: Lost in the 50s

4.) Bess Georgette – Vintage Tips for Ironing Vintage

Because God knows all my dresses are wrinkly! I loved the idea of using vintage directions — it makes so much sense!

Source: Bess Georgette

5.) Vintage Honeymooon – Blommor & bin

Ok, fair warning: this site is not in English. The good news is everyone speaks the language of beautiful photographs! As I help my best friend think of ideas for her wedding, I can’t help but be inspired by photos like these!

Source: Vintage Honeymoon

Go ahead…take some time to ooh and ahh, I won’t judge!

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Blommor & bin
Blommor & bin