As much as I hate the smell of smoke, and the though of smoking a cigarette makes me gag, even I can admit how glamorous the 50s and 60s made it look — not to mention the awesome packaging.

1.) Vintage Cigarette Packs – Cool Material

Something tells me there’s other great vintage packaging hiding around on this site.

Source: Cool Material

2.) DIY Vintage Postcard RSVPs – Style Me Pretty

As we continue planning her wedding, I am constantly bringing theses vintage-meets-new ideas to the table. While I know that’s not the direction they’re going to go, how cool are these??

Source: Style Me Pretty

3.) Vintage Eats – Pages from the Past

This regularly occurring post from this newspaper’s blog lists what was on a particular menu decades ago. This week? Tomato juice, scalloped beef and potatoes, and “fruited jello” to name a few.

Fruited jello?


4.) Vintage Photos of Women’s Basketball Teams – Vintage Everyday

Honestly? This photos says it all.

Source: Vintage Everyday

Happy Halloween? *shudders*

5.) 14 Bizarre Vintage Products That Sadly Don’t Exist Anymore – So Bad So Good

Wonder Sauna Hot Pants? Dream Date Pillow? Sign me up!

(Fair warning: some of the things on this page are not so mild. I warned!)

Source: So Bad So Good