I’m all about motivation this week. Thus, most of the Top 5 picks give me a little boost of vintage inspiration (I can always use more!).

1.) Five Fab Vintage Instagrammers – Traveling Greener

A lot of my inspiration and motivation comes from following like-minded vintage girls on Instagram, so it was great to come across this list!

Source: @vintage_vicky

This lady has a lot of cool sewing ideas, but this post in particular goes through her 1960s-inspired wiggle dress. I’d love to make a similar dress for myself (if only I could find the time to clean my sewing machine…).
Source: Gator Bunny
I certainly don’t claim to know everything about vintage clothing (or even close to half of what’s out there!) so I enjoy reading articles from people who are more well-versed than I am, such as this one.
Source: Refinery29
Halloween is always a last minute affair for me, so we’ll see if I even get to throwing a costume together (though I do have a few ideas!). This lady’s wrangled a bunch of vintage-inspired ideas, in case you save everything to the last minute, just like me.
Source: Livin Vintage
I feel like I’ve always got to throw in at least one vintage photo post. Check out this one on 1920s New York:
Source: Untapped Cities