I’m messy by nature. While I love and thrive in clean, organized spaces, the creative part of me can’t help but leave piles in my wake. But my “Type A” part can only take so much, which is why I knew I needed a system that could work for all of me.

Then I happened upon this quote: “It’s the little things that are vital. Little things make big things happen.”

I realized that if I could make myself adopt a few small cleaning tasks each day, that could make a big difference over time. I’m calling these little bits here and there:

Seems like nothing, right? It basically is. Which means it’s easy to stick to and hard to make an excuse to skip. It helps me maintain the everyday orderliness of our home without putting so much on my plate that I get overwhelmed and decide “Welp, I’ve got too much to do…might as well sit and watch Netflix for the whole night.” You know, not that that’s ever happened or anything 😉


Here’s a few examples of how I check off these vital tasks:

  • Every time I’m done relaxing on the couch, I fold all the blankets and re-arrange the throw pillows.
  • I always wipe down all the kitchen counters when I’m done washing dishes after dinner.
  • I make a habit of hanging my keys on the hook and sorting the mail as soon as I walk in the door.
  • After we brush our teeth at night, I usually wipe down the counter and top of the toilet with a paper towel.

I think you get the idea. None of these are major cleaning tasks (I actually wouldn’t even classify some of these as cleaning!) but they all move me a little closer to a neater, more organized space.


And it’s not just my messy tendencies that can benefit from this method — I’m realizing I can apply this to pretty much any area of my life. That’s what I’m going to be trying throughout 2017 — identifying these little bitty vital tasks and tricking myself into doing them everyday. 

It might seem like I’m encouraging you to tackle the bare minimum, but you’d be surprised how energized you’ll feel to check off other items from your to do list one you get going. Just give it a try — and let me know how it goes!


What’s your trick for staying on top of all you have to do?


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